Saturday, 8 October 2011

The Real Deal

That's right folks there it is.  I used to work at this bad boy.  The rooms are stunning and set in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. You can even begin to describe the opulence this place has.  Over 5 full sized kitchens 300+ rooms and a view carved into the landscape by God himself! Nothing else can compare to the experience of the Chateau Lake Louise.

That's right folks.  It has a staff-built ice palace built on the lake in the winter time.  The sheer magnitude of this thing is jaw dropping.  People get married in it to the tune of $25,000 and up depending on the level of service you want.  But amidst all the scenery and opulence something sinister lurks.

I was off to report for duty at the tender age of 21 to the Chateau lake Louise.  Hired as a prep and breakfast cook I was off to make my fortune.  But what I found instead was an absolute nightmare.  The training was minimal at best and I was awoken to the sound of an angry chef banging on my door at 6 am screaming I was late for work.  I was not due to start until 8 am.  they had changed my start time to 6am without notice.    The place was huge and easy to get lost in, no maps given to staff as how to navigate.  merely three days of "orientation" which mostly consisted of a cooperate brainwashing session.  Now before someone gets up in arms from the Fairmont corporation all these things are based on personal experience and are merely opinions.  All in all I was working upwards of 15 days in a row all 12 hour shifts and my down time was spent doing laundry and trying to catch up on sleep.  Needless to say I left within a few months.

In conclusion not the best place to work in my opinion.  The money is great but the quality of life leaves something to be desired.


  1. Well quality of life maters the most for me so.. i will pass :) Great landscape though. Loving your blog so far +1 follower

  2. Seriously beautiful, if only I had enough money - this would be amazing for training.